Hospital da Luz Clínica de Odivelas

Hospital da Luz Clínica de Odivelas

Hospital da Luz Clínica de Oeiras presents itself as an advanced centre of Hospital da Luz Lisboa to ensure quality healthcare for the population of the region.

The premises, the clinical teamand the equipment available ensure a full range of healthcare services, in a single location, near the place of residence, offering a differentiated and convenient service.

At Hospital da Luz Clínica de Odivelas, there are available different medical and surgical specialty consultations, exams, notably a complete imaging centre, a cardiology centre and a gastroenterology centre, and ambulatory surgery, to respond to the main health needs of the local population, that will have access to quality healthcare.

Clínica de Odivelas maintains close connection with Hospital da Luz Lisboa, ensuring its clients the indispensable support and safety in case of need of a more differentiated healthcare or internment.

The clinic is expected to be open on 12th January 2018.