Idealmed Unidade Hospitalar de Coimbra

Idealmed Unidade Hospitalar de Coimbra

Idealmed Unidade Hospitalar de Coimbra, inaugurated on 16th May 2012, is the largest private hospital in the centre region of the country, recognized as pole of excellence in the area of healthcare providing, for the variety of specialties available and the quality of its clinical staff.

The Hospital offers over 40 clinical capabilities, working in an integrated way and aggregating all medical and surgical specialties. It has five operating rooms, 71 consultation rooms and comprises 66 beds for inpatients.
It operates in close articulation with its four satellite clinics – Clínica Solum (Coimbra), Clínica Cantanhede, Clínica Pombal and Clínica Ponte Galante - providing them with the necessary medical support.

Idealmed Unidade Hospitalar de Coimbra was acquired by Grupo Luz Saúde on 27th March 2018. Soon, it will be designated Hospital da Luz Coimbra.

Urgent care services are available is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Contacts

    ADDRESS: Praceta Prof. Robalo Cordeiro, Circular Externa de Coimbra, 3020-479 Coimbra

    GENERAL PHONE: 239 096 900

    FAX: 239 091 300