80 People Do Skin Cancer Screening at HBA

80 pessoas fazem rastreio do cancro de pele no HBA

Hospital Beatriz Ângelo (HBA), in Loures, offered skin cancer free screening to the general population, celebrating the Euromelanoma Screening Day, on May 16. About 80 people were examined, some of which subsequently referred to dermatology consultation.

Euromelanoma is a network to share information between health professionals in over 30 European countries. Melanoma, although less common, is the most serious skin cancer, being responsible for more than two thirds of deaths by skin cancer. It may look like a typical mole, however, certain characteristics differentiates it.

This HBA screening – in the scope of an initiative organized by the Portuguese Association of Skin Cancer, joined by 50 health units all over the country – was the theme of a reportage by RTP1 Channel, in the TV show “Portugal em Direto”, with an interview to Paulo Lamarão, director of the Service of Dermatology of this hospital.

This specialist highlighted the importance of such screening as a way to “detect skin cancer in early stages, which is fundamental for efficient treatment”, and he recommended the regular self-examination of moles (“once a month or every two months”).

Paulo Lamarão also reminded the need to adopt behaviours of skin cancer prevention: “Most skin cancers arise due to past sun exposure, continuous or by occasional sunburn. It is important to avoid sun exposure, in daily basis, by wearing adapted clothing, sunscreen with high SPF (over 30) and adapted schedules (to do outdoor exercise, for instance, early morning or late afternoon)”.