2017 Clinical Cases is Expression of HBA Excellent Clinical Results

Casos Clínicos 2017 são a expressão dos ‘excelentes resultados clínicos’ do HBA

After a year of intense healthcare activity and “excellent clinical results”, Hospital Beatriz Ângelo (HBA) publishes the fifth edition of the magazine “Casos Clínicos Hospital Beatriz Ângelo” (Clinical Cases HBA). 

Gathering 40 articles, this new edition presents, once again, cases faced by HBA professionals, that deserve to be published “for their originality, singularity or form of presentation and the quality of the therapeutic approach proposed”, “revealing the effective technical and scientific differentiation of the professionals involved and the quality of service provided in this institution.”

In the words of Rui Maio, clinical director of Hospital Beatriz Ângelo and editorial director of the magazine, this publication is, once again, the “natural result of the work daily performed in our Hospital: an example of our health assistance quality, an expression of our weekly clinical sessions, and the translation of our educational capacity” – he writes in the editorial.

The papers published reveal, furthermore, the clinical operation mode of the hospital, which is based on a model of team work and multidisciplinary cooperation, orientated by disease and focused on the patient. 

Finally, and still according to the editorial director of the magazine, once again, “the publication diffuses some of the cases discussed in the clinical sessions organized by the hospital, and by medicine students at the mini-congress organized with them”, being “also an opportunity for doctors in internship and students to present articles to be reviewed by their peers.”

Rui Maio stresses this idea, referring that “some of the articles were produced by doctors in internship and other had the collaboration of students”.
This fifth edition of HBA 2017 Clinical Cases had a print run of 2000 copies, to be distributed to doctors of health units in the area of operation of HBA, to hospitals, professional medical associations, faculties of medicine and other institutions of the country.

Read Casos Clínicos Hospital Beatriz Ângelo 2017 (publication in portuguese)