Laser Surgery to Treat Mouth, Larynx and Pharynx Lesions and Tumours

Cirurgia laser tumores da boca faringe laringe

Hospital da Luz Arrábida has now CO2 laser for oncologic and non-oncologic otorhinolaryngology surgery. This technique allows to treat patients with mouth, larynx and pharynx lesions and tumours, according to the best practice and offering multiple advantages comparing to conventional (open) surgery, without amputation or loss of vital functions.

In fact, through this transoral technique using CO2 laser, tracheotomy (incision of an opening in the trachea) is avoided, thus preserving muscle and nervous structures and vital functions – such as breathing, talking and swallowing. 

Transoral surgery in otorhinolaryngology is presently the most indicate for a large range of mouth, larynx and pharynx pathologies: benign lesions (such as papilloma, Reinke’s edema, laryngocele, cysts, polyps, granulomas, benign tumours and bilateral vocal fold paralysis), premalignant lesions (leucoplakia and erythroplakia) and malignant tumours in early stages (T1, T2 and in some cases T3).

Among the great advantages of laser transoral surgery, it is worth mentioning the rate of complications lesser than external surgery, the absence of scars and spontaneous internal scarring (thus avoiding the need for reconstructive surgery). 

It is also replicable (that is to say, the patient may be submitted to further laser surgery) and the inpatient period is between one to three days.  Finally, it favours good voice and swallowing rehabilitation (allowing a faster and easier social, professional and family reinsertion) and enables the earlier application of other treatments deemed necessary, such as radiotherapy.

At Hospital da Luz Arrábida, this surgical technique is performed by a team directed by otorhinolaryngologist João Vaz Fernandes – specialist also practicing at Hospital da Luz Clínica do Porto.

To schedule appointments, contact Hospital da Luz Arrábida, at 223 776 800.