ERS Recognizes Clinical Excellence to Hospital da Luz Setúbal

Hospital da Luz Setúbal obtained the maximum rating for clinical excellence in the area of orthopaedics (total arthroplasty of hip and knee), according to the SINAS report (National System of Evaluation in Health) elaborated by ERS (Health Regulatory Authority). The maximum rating (three stars) in the evaluation of Clinical Excellence is awarded by this entity, when the results are higher than the average obtained by all heath care providers.

It is worth noting that the evaluation by ERS concerning patient safety and patient focusing also registered maximum rating.

SINAS is an evaluation system of the global quality of healthcare providers developed by ERS, based on the values of rigour, transparency and objectivity. 

The report now published concerns the period from January 1 to December 31 of year 2016, having been concluded in December 2017.