Stomatologist David Ângelo Publishes Paper in Journal of the Specialty

The Journal of Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery, publication of reference in the area of oral-maxillo-facial surgery, published a scientific paper whose first author is David Ângelo, stomatologist from Hospital da Luz Setúbal.

The paper is the result of a preclinical study on temporomandibular joint – the point where the mandible (inferior maxilla) articulates with the temporal bone (of the cranium). This is a complex joint, the most used one in the human body, and when there is dysfunction, its movement causes intense pain in patients, who are incapacitated, in severe cases, to talk and chew, making it necessary to remove the articular disc. David Ângelo, in his research, tries to find a biodisc that could be used to regenerate a new disc for this joint.

In the study now published – randomized, with two phases and a placebo surgery control group –, two surgical techniques for the treatment of temporomandibular dysfunction were compared, and the morpho-functional impact of these techniques tested in animal models was evaluated.

Entitled “Effects of bilateral discectomy and bilateral discopexy on black Merino sheep rumination kinematics”, the work was elaborated by David Ângelo (in the photo, the second on the left) and other national and international specialists.

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