Hospital da Luz Setúbal at St. Peter’s in Palmela

HL Setúbal St Peters Palmela

Associated with the World Heart Day, Hospital da Luz Setúbal organized, from September 26 to 29, informative and educational sessions for teachers, students and parents, at St. Peter’s International School, in Palmela, covering cardiovascular diseases, chain of survival and basic life support in emergency situations.

Sessions, provided by a team of two physicians, four nurses and a cardiology technologist, coordinated by José Ferreira Santos, clinical director of this hospital, and Miguel Veríssimo, director of nursing, were destined to all students, from elementary to high school.

Students received multiple information: causes of cardiovascular diseases, situations when to call for help to 112, the kind of answers to give when contacting the national emergency number, and the importance of the chain of survival to save lives.

Students were also able to practice basic life support manoeuvres on mannequins.

In the line of the idea launched by the Portuguese Society of Cardiology that the Portuguese population should assume the commitment of changing life style to protect the heart and prevent cardiovascular diseases, the students were challenged to take small decisions that would contribute to a healthier life (eat more fruits and vegetables, take the stairs, and play football in school, for instance).

Hospital da Luz professionals made also an inquiry, covering 518 over 1200 students in St. Peter’s, on life and diet habits, its conclusions being afterwards presented to parents and legal guardians in a conference.

In the photo, the heart formed by students in the school playground, in association with Hospital da Luz Setúbal.