José Manuel Teixeira Clarifies Work Injuries at Porto Canal

José Manuel Teixeira, coordinator of Orthopaedics at Hospital da Luz Arrábida, explained in TV show “Consultório”, at Porto Canal TV channel, what are work injuries, the most frequent lesions and respective treatment. “Orthopaedics is believed to correspond to 90% of major work injuries”, he stated in this TV show broadcasted on June 20, where he answered to questions posed by viewers.

The orthopaedist started by clarifying the definition of work injury: “It’s an injury occurring in a certain moment, as the direct consequence” of an accident – such as, for instance, hand and wrist fractures, serious nervous lesions and finger losses, but also lesions contracted by high-competition athletes.

In a survey conducted by Fidelidade (insurance company), where José Manuel Teixeira is clinical director, shoulder lesions were the most common situation in work injuries reported to the insurance company: until now, we thought it were spinal injuries, but no. This is related with the type of work performed today”, he enlightened. The evolution in diagnosis resources and treatments were other aspects focused in the program: “Earlier, in shoulder diseases, it was very hard to do surgery (or when surgery was performed, it was open surgery leaving extensive scars). Presently, with arthroscopy and minimally invasive surgery, we suture affected tendons and try to repair joints”. And in wrist fractures, where we use to apply plaster, now “we operate, and after one or two weeks it is possible to return to professional activity”.

The professional reintegration of people with work injuries is, in fact, one of the topics of the 1st Medical Congress of Fidelidade, taking place next June 28 and 29, at Centro de Congressos da Alfândega do Porto.

Watch here the participation of José Manuel Teixeira, also practicing at Hospital da Luz Clínica do Porto, in TV show “Consultório”, Porto Canal.