Hospital da Luz Lisboa Internal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine and Anatomopathology Attracts Best Interns

Medicina Interna do Hospital da Luz Lisboa capta os melhores internos do país

The specialties of Internal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine and Anatomopathology from Hospital da Luz Lisboa was elected the best by the top medical interns of the country, according to the ranking elaborated by the project Specialty Exam, based on data from the latest medical internship application process.

To elaborate this ranking, the project Specialty Exam considered two variables: the grade obtained in the specialty exam by the last intern accepted in the application process for Internal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine and Anatomopathology and the average of the applicants’ entry grades (when there was more than one vacancy, the average grade of interns for a specific service was estimated; when there was only one vacancy, the average of entry grades was equivalent to the grade of the last applicant).

These professionals initiated internship in January of the current year. The ranking of the project Specialty Exam – developed by physicians with the purpose of supporting these professionals in the different phases of their trajectory – is a further proof of the excellence of medicine practised at Hospital da Luz Lisboa and of its working conditions.