New Edition of HBA Magazine: Medical Consultations in Due Time

Nova edição da revista do HBA: Consultas a tempo e horas

Hospital Beatriz Ângelo (HBA) complies, in most major medical and surgical specialties, with adequate response time to the requests of consultation submitted by family doctors.

General surgery or vascular surgery, internal medicine, endocrinology and pneumology, paediatrics or psychiatry are areas where some of the most prevalent diseases in the country are followed, to which HBA gives a differentiated and integrated response, in due time and with the quality already nationally and internationally recognized.

This is the cover theme of the new edition of the magazine “Informação Luz Saúde Beatriz Ângelo” (Information Luz Saúde Beatriz Ângelo), published by HBA, which also highlights the importance of colorectal cancer screening, promoting the program in development in Loures and Odivelas, which results from a cooperation between this Hospital and health centres of the region, in the scope of the Local Health Plan.

The 19th edition of HBA magazine additionally reveals the results of the work done along three years by the Hospital’s obesity consultation multidisciplinary team, and shows how the HBA Diet and Nutrition Service is organized, giving response to the demands of the different medical specialties and operating transversally in all hospital services.

Finally, the new magazine tells the story of Ricardo, who, when not working at HBA, acts as guide for visually impaired athletes, and who has participated as such in the latest Paralympic Games, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The magazine “Informação Luz Saúde Beatriz Ângelo” has a circulation of 100,000 copies and is distributed for free in the areas of influence of HBA, also being available in healthcare and social solidarity institutions of those regions, as well as in the Hospital’s waiting rooms.

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