Hospital da Luz Setúbal Ophthalmologist Presides Scientific Meeting of Specialty

Oftalmologista do Hospital da Luz Setúbal David Martins preside a reunião científica da especialidade

David Martins, ophthalmologist from Hospital da Luz Setúbal, presided the 1st Scientific Meeting of Ophthalmology in Setúbal, a gathering destined to physicians and other professionals of the area, where the most recent themes of the specialty were discussed.

The meeting, that was held last June at Escola Superior de Saúde of Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal, counted with the presence of international specialists which shared knowledge and experiences on the latest achievements applied in major ophthalmic centres,

David Martins underlined the importance of this international discussion, in the scope of the themes selected for this 1st scientific meeting of ophthalmology in Setúbal, giving special emphasis, in his opening speech, to cataracts training, clinical strabismus, holistic approach to diabetic retinopathy, and retinal vascular pathologies.

Hospital da Luz Setúbal’s ophthalmologist also stressed the increasing importance of a multidisciplinary approach to ophthalmic diseases and the importance of working in collaboration with other professionals, for the benefit of patients and the success of treatment.