Hospital da Luz Arrábida Oncologist Explains Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

Sónia Rego, Hospital da Luz Arrábida oncologist, was in the TV show “Edição da Manhã”, on SIC Notícias Channel, concerning the World Pancreatic Cancer Day, celebrated on November 16.

This specialist alerted to the risk factors and symptoms of these tumors, which are the fourth cause of death by cancer in Europe.

“Pancreatic cancer is a silent disease; when manifested it is already in an advanced stage”, explained Sónia Rego, indicating some symptoms that people should be alert to – namely, loss of appetite, exhaustion, sudden emaciation with no specific cause and, in a more advanced stage of the disease, jaundice (yellowish pigmentation) and ascites (bloating of the abdomen). “The earlier the diagnosis, the more favourable the prognosis”, highlighted the oncologist, who also talked about the main risk factors of the disease, such as alcohol consumption, tobacco and unhealthy food habits.

Watch the Sónia Rego’s intervention (PT only)