Hospital da Luz Oncologist Clarifies Myths and Truths About Chemotherapy

Sónia Rego, Hospital da Luz Arrábida and Hospital da Luz Clínica do Porto oncologist, was the invited specialist in “Consultório”, a health TV-show at Porto Canal channel, broadcasted on March 5, under the theme “Myths and truths about chemotherapy”.

Along one and a half hour, the oncologist clarified the major doubts crossing the mind of those who hear for the first time about this type of cancer treatment, and also some myths about chemotherapy.

What this is and how it intervenes, what are cycles of chemotherapy and their consequences on the body and life of the patient – if it always causes hair loss, if it is common to have nausea and vomits, and if it implies infertility, for instance –, were some of the aspects approached. “It is important to demystify not only the disease, but also the treatment”, highlighted Sónia Rego, that answered to viewers’ questions in the last part of the TV-show.