Hospital da Luz Orthopaedist Performs Innovating Surgery in Portugal

Rui Rocha, orthopaedist from the Hospital da Luz units of Arrábida, Guimarães and Porto, performed the first cervical spine surgery in Portugal using DTRAX system. This is a surgery that allows, in a minimally invasive way, to perform indirect radicular decompression and intra-articular stabilization of the cervical spine. 

With only two small incisions in the back of the neck, this method allows to treat radicular pain caused by cervical spondylosis with narrowing of the cervical foramina that receive the nerves to the upper limbs. The advantage of minimally invasive surgeries such as this is pain reduction in the immediate post-operative, as well as less blood loss and infections.

The surgery, performed on November 24, counted with the collaboration of Miguel Sanfeliu, director of the spine unit from Hospital General de Valencia.