Otorhinolaryngology at Odivelas: Consultations and Exams in New Hospital da Luz Clinic

Hospital da Luz Clínica de Odivelas has already available a team of Otorhinolaryngology, including audiology and speech therapy, coordinated by otorhinolaryngologist Carlos Macor. Fully functioning, Clínica de Odivelas offers all specialty consultations (such as childhood deafness, voice consultation, and vertigo consultation), as well as the respective complementary diagnosis exams, among which child audiogram, brainstem auditory evoked potential (BAEP), and infant optoacoustic emissions (without sedation), besides new-born hearing screening. Speech therapy offers the diagnosis and treatment of incapacities at the level of language, articulation, fluency, voice, and chewing or swallowing.

In the photo above, Carlos Macor and Nélia Isidoro (otorhinolaryngology technician).