Clinical Pilates at Hospital da Misericórdia in Évora

Hospital da Misericórdia in Évora has available a new service: clinical pilates sessions, a set of therapeutic exercises towards rehabilitation and physical and muscular reinforcement.

The method was initially created by the German gymnast Joseph Pilates, in the beginning of the 20th century, focused on specific strength training for dancers and high-level athletes.

The acknowledgement of the benefits of such exercises led physiotherapists, in the 90ies, to introduce changes and create clinical pilates, specifically oriented to physical rehabilitation. Muscular reinforcement, flexibility enhancement, body alignment, breathing improvement, stress relief, motor coordination optimization and body consciousness development are some of the many advantages.

Clinical pilates at Hospital da Misericórdia in Évora is ensured by physiotherapists Carmen Larga and Andreia Cupido.

Appointments by e-mail to or by phone: 266 760 634.