“Portugal is at Top Level in the Treatment of Cancer”

Sónia Rego, Hospital da Luz Arrábida and Hospital da Luz Clínica do Porto oncologist, participated in “Consultório”, a TV-show at Porto Canal channel, broadcasted on June 11, where she explained the advances in cancer treatment presented at the latest congress of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO).

ASCO annual meeting, a congress of reference at world level, took place between 1 and 5 June, in Chicago, with over 45.000 participants from 150 countries. “We were able to confirm that Portugal is well positioned in terms of oncologic patients’ access to the best treatments in the field. We are at the same level of the countries of reference”, stressed Sónia Rego.” It was also established that there are ever more treatments specifically targeted for each type of tumour, which allows better results and better quality of life for patients”, she added. The most significant studies presented in this congress edition concern lung cancer and pancreatic cancer, as the oncologist elaborated. As for the latter, for instance, a “robust study” was presented, promising to change therapeutics based on the application of a more aggressive chemotherapy. During the congress, novelties were also presented in the treatment of breast and prostate cancers.

“In global terms, we can pass a message of optimism regarding advances in treatment for different types of cancer. Although still far from a perfect situation, we are on the right path and progressing consistently, which is most important”, concluded Sónia Rego.


The intervention can be watched here