Innovating Technique in Proctology

Hospital da Luz Guimarães has now available an innovating laser surgery for diseases in proctology.

This is a faster, less invasive and less painful surgery, used in the treatment of pilonidal cysts, haemorrhoids and anal fistulae.

Anorectal pathology is quite common – in the case of haemorrhoids, reaching up to 50% of the population, at least once in a lifetime. However, and despite all the discomfort and illness associated, these are diseases often concealed by patients. The lack of information and the fear of a painful postoperative period generally lead to constant postponing of treatment.«In the case of haemorrhoids, laser treatment is used to coagulate tissue, cutting blood supply to the haemorrhoidal tissue, causing its significant reduction, with complaints disappearing and avoiding the development of future haemorrhoids», explains Vítor Costa, general-surgeon at Hospital da Luz Guimarães. Laser surgery is a minimally invasive intervention performed in ambulatory. «Classic surgery has complications, such as higher risk of haemorrhage, pain, stenosis and a complex postoperative, with frequent patching. Alternatively, this surgical technique allows faster recovery and significant pain reduction», adds Vítor Costa.