Hospital da Luz Funchal

Hospital da Luz Funchal

Hospital da Luz Funchal is equipped with the latest technology, collaborating with the best specialists in Madeira region.

Hospital da Luz Funchal provides a wide range of healthcare, namely internment, surgery, consultations in different medical and surgical specialties, complementary means of diagnosis, and permanent attendance (Monday to Friday, 8h00 to 20h00).

Established in 1963, as Clínica de Santa Catarina, it has been an example of modernity and innovation in the autonomous region of Madeira, being prepared to offer differentiated attendance with all comfort.

Clínica de Santa Catarina was acquired by Luz Saúde Group on March 15, 2017. Since then a profound remodeling was implemented in several areas and there are now modern physical structures and equipment.

Currently Hospital da Luz Funchal, it operates in close connection with the infrastructures and professionals of Hospital da Luz Lisboa.