Hospital da Luz Oeiras

Hospital da Luz Oeiras

Hospital da Luz Oeiras stands out in its geographical area of influence for the comprehensive range of services and the quality of healthcare provided, also having presently inpatient capability.

Located near Parque dos Poetas, it was planned to serve the population in Cascais-Lisboa axis and, since 2017, it comprises two interconnected buildings with modern, warming and efficient architecture, creating an atmosphere of tranquillity, innovation and safety.

In building A, recently renovated, operates Permanent Medical Assistance, the Operating Room and Inpatient Unit with 24 beds, while building B, built from scratch, is totally devoted to ambulatory activity, consultations and exams.

With the recent renewal, the hospital assumed a more differentiated surgical vocation, but continuing to invest in specialized clinical staff and in the most advanced technology of diagnosis and treatment, offering a wider variety of ambulatory care, in terms of specialty consultations and in terms of permanent medical assistance.

In the whole, it has 58 consultation rooms, 13 treatment rooms and 11 examination rooms (including clinical analyses), a Surgery Unit with three operating rooms, an Inpatient Unit with 24 beds, an Imaging Centre with modern and differentiated equipment (CT and Magnetic Resonance, also for cardiac diseases), a Special Exams and Techniques Unit for several specialties, with reinforced capacity in gastroenterology.

This hospital works in close articulation with Hospital da Luz Lisboa, ensuring the indispensable support and safety, when there is need for more differentiated healthcare.

Urgent Care operates daily, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., 365 days a year.