Hospital do Mar Cuidados Especializados Lisboa

Hospital do Mar Cuidados Especializados Lisboa

Hospital do Mar Cuidados Especializados Lisboa, inaugurated in 2006, introduced an innovative concept to health care in Portugal by combining the technological and human skills of a hospital with high quality hospitality infrastructures.

At Hospital do Mar Lisboa, the resources and safety of a hospital are available in a comfortable, cosy setting, making it possible to provide patients with the technical care most suited to their needs in a family-style atmosphere.

Special patients, special care – the Hospital do Mar provides various types of care, including:

  • Convalescence and rehabilitation, particularly in post-acute situations, with an emphasis on neurological and orthopaedic disorders, e.g. cerebral vascular accidents, hip and knee surgeries and general post-surgical care, among others
  • Neurostimulation, particularly for Alzheimer’s disease, for which a special inpatient unit with specific architectural and functional features has been created
  • Palliative care and family support, typically for individuals with chronic or terminal conditions, allowing informal and family carers an opportunity to take a break from caregiving.
  • Specialised geriatric care involving assessment, monitoring and follow-up, particularly in the areas of health promotion or cure and rehabilitation on an outpatient or inpatient basis.
  • Monitoring and follow-up of chronic diseases, with specific programmes and guided interventions during flare-ups and in the more advanced stages of the disease.

Each patient, a special case

At Hospital do Mar Lisboa, care plans are developed based on a multidisciplinary assessment of the medical, functional, psychological and social needs of each patient, with the active participation of their families. These plans are then implemented by teams specifically formed based on each particular circumstance.

This approach, called "comprehensive method of intervention", is based on the currently recognised need to adopt, in the areas that Hospital do Mar is responsible for, personalised and specialised plans of intervention directed towards the specific needs of each patient, developed by teams of professionals from various disciplines.

Innovative architecture and therapeutic gardens

The Hospital do Mar Lisboa was designed with the specific vocation of this unit in mind right from the start. The architecture of the facility preserves the aesthetics of the old National Agronomy Research Station building, which has been combined with a well-lighted, modern structure that is at once cosy and open to the surrounding landscape.

The interior décor was designed to provide a pleasant, family-style atmosphere, and the furnishings combine traditional lines with modern-day comfort and ergonomic design specifically tailored to a population that is convalescing or undergoing rehabilitation.

In this naturally stimulating and therapeutic atmosphere, healthcare professionals from various areas put their individual skills together to work as a team with a common objective: to promote autonomy, well-being and quality of life for their patients, combining their clinical skills with the privacy of a residential environment.

Hospital do Mar Lisboa is an innovative hospital in Portugal with unique architectural and functional characteristics that, in taking a personalised, multidisciplinary approach to health care, offers the competence of a hospital and the comfort of a residential atmosphere.