Hospital da Luz Learning Health

Hospital da Luz Learning Health

Hospital da Luz Learning Health is dedicated to the advanced training of professionals, translational research and innovation, in the areas of healthcare provision and management.

Learning Health aims to promote the generation and dissemination of knowledge, technologies and more advanced practices in healthcare, both inside and outside Luz Saúde Group, contributing to improvements in patient safety and quality of care.

With the establishment of Learning Health, Luz Saúde Group strengthens its commitment to medical excellence, innovation and development of exceptional people.



Hospital da Luz Learning Health presently promotes several initiatives in the areas of medicine and nursing, contributing to training and continuous education of health professionals.

Our health professionals are actively involved in training activities, effectively contributing to its continued development and construction of the next generations of healthcare providers.

The annual program of clinical events, TeAM courses (Interactive Courses of Clinical Simulation) and CPR courses are an important part of the clinical training activity at Learning Health. The CPR courses are recognized and certified by the Portuguese Resuscitation Council (Conselho Português de Ressuscitação – CPR) and by the European Resuscitation Council (ERC), presently including the courses of Adult Basic Life Support (Suporte Básico de Vida para Adultos – SBV), Adult Immediate Life Support (Suporte Imediato de Vida para Adultos – (SIV) and Adult Advanced Life Support (Suporte Avançado de Vida para Adultos – SAV).



Medical simulation is today the gold standard in the training of students, professionals and healthcare teams. Medical simulation effectively promotes the dissemination of good practices and the optimization of clinical performance, allowing the incorporation of technological innovation in clinical practice without risk for patients and professionals.

The unfathomable value of human life and, consequently, of health professionals training, is the motivation for the creation of a major simulation center in the new area of Hospital da Luz Lisboa, to open in 2018.



Translational and clinical research is increasingly essential in preventing disease and improving health care. At Luz Saúde, researchers in severable clinical areas contribute daily  to improve prevention, diagnosis and quality of care. The Clinical Research Center of Hospital da Luz Lisboa is the structure that supports local teams of professionals who want to conduct clinical investigation. 



Thinking and doing things differently is essential in the area of healthcare.

In Luz Saúde, we support and promote innovation by providing the necessary resources to create new products and services.


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